The Integritas Institute for Ethics is a ministry of the Saint John Paul II Newman Center at the University of Illinois–Chicago. Founded in 1997, it continues to foster deep appreciation of the ethical questions arising from everyday professional experience in the bright light of Catholic moral and social thought to benefit students (as well as staff, faculty, and administration) of health-related disciplines at the University of Illinois-Chicago

By means of an active online outreach, an annual symposium, and monthly bioethics lunches, the Integritas Institute for Ethics seeks to evangelize the University and local  community culture with a Catholic vision of justice and ethical professional conduct.  The intellectual, spiritual, and moral development of the individual, at whatever stage of education or professional development, will be fostered by conferences, symposia, individual contact, meaningful dialogue, and a vibrant web-based outreach.

For more information, contact jp2newman@gmail.com.

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**The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) discuss two polls regarding widespread discrimination against health care professionals because of their faith, as well as “broad public support for conscience rights laws and protections.” As Bishop James Conley affirms, “An overwhelming majority of Americans agree: no healthcare professional should be forced to violate deeply-held beliefs in order to keep a job.  The practice of medicine depends on those courageous and generous enough to serve all people – especially the poor and marginalized – with the highest ethical standards.  If we exclude people of faith from the medical profession, Americans will suffer, especially those most in need.” Read more about this HERE**

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