Written by Fr. Tom Boharic, UIC Alumni (2003-2005)


I came to UIC in 2003 confused about life, God, religion, and truth. I would always pass by the Newman Center on the way to class with my guitar in hand and kept feeling a nudge to go in. Finally, I gave in. After praying for guidance, a group of young, Catholic Christians warmly welcomed me. Their faith was so contagious, that I found myself wanting more. I began participating in Youth for Christ, the Newman Choir, daily Mass, and Bible Studies, meeting new people and developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

It was during this time that I was able to take advantage of the generosity of Fr. Patrick Marshall. Fr. Pat first guided me deeper into my relationship and discipleship with Christ, and consequently, a serious discernment of my personal vocation.

“Tommy, have you ever thought about becoming a priest? … I believe you would be a good priest.” When Fr. Pat asked me this, I responded with laughter and doubt! But within time, this seed grew from curiosity to an ardent desire to serve Christ as a priest. Fr. Pat helped in 2005 to enter the seminary, and In 2012, he vested me as a Priest of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. I am forever grateful to the Newman Center and all the staff who introduced me both to God and to a vocation as a Priest of Jesus Christ.