Looking Ahead


Written by Monica Mackie, Development Coordinator After serving as a FOCUS Missionary at UIC for two years, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to continue to serve Newman as the new Development Coordinator, especially during this exciting time of new beginnings. Specifically, we have been hard at work, renovating our chapel to create a beautiful place to pray, and we are gearing up to launch Cor Coffee as school starts this fall. While these might seem like two independent projects, they are very much interrelated. Statistics are often thrown around again and again of how many people are leaving the [...]

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Q&A with our new Associate Chaplain, Fr. Tim Anastos!


Written by Becca Siar, Director of Campus Ministry   Why do you think college ministry is important, and why do you think it's a good fit for you? FR. TIM: I was blessed to work with high school students for the past three years, and every year, my seniors from the parish had to transition into “college life,” where they were bombarded by different ideologies, prompting curiosity and questions. College ministry gives students the ability to have their questions answered, especially in an environment where they know that they loved and where they truly belong. I think its a good fit [...]

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Meet our Student Leadership Team!


We are so excited to introduce you to the students who have been selected to serve on our student leadership team, the Cor Team, for the 2021-2022 school year and to have them share what they're most excited about for this upcoming year! Ella Ramos, President - UIC Senior Ella is a fourth year student on the pre-med track, majoring in Biology and double minoring in Spanish for the Health Professions and Disability and Human Development. After undergrad, she hopes to go to medical school and train to be a physician to help those in need. Whenever she has free time, [...]

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Meet the Team for 2021-2022!


Since we've had some significant staff turnover this summer, we thought it would be a good opportunity to (re)introduce our Newman Center Ministry Team for the 2021-2022 school year! Fr. Connor Danstrom, Director/Chaplain Fr. Connor has been a priest for seven years now and says that it has been “an amazing adventure so far.” He loves playing sports and writing music in my spare time, and aside from saying Mass and hearing confessions, you’ll also often find him around Newman either playing ping pong, making coffee, gardening, or skateboarding. A fun fact about Fr. Connor is that he’s not allergic to [...]

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Why Newman?


Written by Annie Streeter, UIC Senior During my freshman year orientation, I had the chance to visit the Newman Center at UIC. After being home schooled since kindergarten, it was comforting to know that there was a familiar place where I could go to meet other Catholic students. The Newman Center became the place where I went in between classes to go to Mass, attend events, study, relax, and eat meals. Over the years, the students and staff have changed, but the welcoming environment and overall mission have stayed the same. I feel extremely blessed to be at a secular school [...]

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Feeling A Nudge


Written by Fr. Tom Boharic, UIC Alumni (2003-2005)   I came to UIC in 2003 confused about life, God, religion, and truth. I would always pass by the Newman Center on the way to class with my guitar in hand and kept feeling a nudge to go in. Finally, I gave in. After praying for guidance, a group of young, Catholic Christians warmly welcomed me. Their faith was so contagious, that I found myself wanting more. I began participating in Youth for Christ, the Newman Choir, daily Mass, and Bible Studies, meeting new people and developing a personal relationship with Jesus [...]

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Love In The Air (At Newman)!


Written by Becca Siar, Director of Campus Ministry Herschel D. Wallace III (Class of ‘71) and Gale Warton (now Wallace; ‘79) met at a student-run orientation event called Freshman Weekend for incoming freshmen of the (then) 100% commuter campus. "Freshman Weekend would happen at Camp Duncan, and we would have several activities," Herschel explains. "So when classes did start, there would be someone on campus that you would recognize." Gale decided to go on the weekend as a freshman, only to find Herschel as the keynote speaker. "I guess we caught each other’s eye," she says. At the time, Newman was [...]

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An Interview with Fr. Patrick Marshall


An Interview with Fr. Patrick Marshall, former Chaplain of the St. John Paul II Newman Center (1991-2018) - Written by Becca Siar, Director of Campus Ministry Becca Siar: How did you end up at the Newman Center back in 1991? Fr. Patrick Marshall: "Well, at the time, I was a parish priest and also served as one of the Master of Ceremonies for Cardinal Bernardin. He asked me to go to the University of Notre Dame to participate in a program for church leaders, and while I was there, the University offered me a job. I had to come home to [...]

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Evangelization Over Coffee


Written by Israel Lopez, Rising UIC Senior We all know that God is present in a chapel, but what about in a coffee shop?  Working as a barista, you wouldn’t think, “Oh, this is the perfect opportunity to evangelize,” yet this is exactly what the Newman Center staff had in mind when building our coffee shop. Although the unique location of this establishment, within a university’s Catholic Newman Center, brings in several customers who are indeed Catholic, our extensive marketing and personal invitation have graced us with the opportunity to meet and serve people who are all along the “faith spectrum.” [...]

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Now Introducing: Cor Coffee!


Written by Fr. Connor Danstrom, Chaplain/Director Last year, Cardinal John Henry Newman was canonized a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. This was an occasion of great joy for us here at the Newman Center, as well as throughout the country for all the Catholic campus ministries that bear his name. When he was made a Cardinal, Newman took as his motto the Latin phrase, “Cor ad cor loquitur.” His coat of arms had three hearts, representing the Trinity. This idea of God speaking to the heart of man from his own Triune heart was central to Newman’s understanding of revelation.  [...]

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