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Evangelization Over Coffee


Written by Israel Lopez, Rising UIC Senior We all know that God is present in a chapel, but what about in a coffee shop?  Working as a barista, you wouldn’t think, “Oh, this is the perfect opportunity to evangelize,” yet this is exactly what the Newman Center staff had in mind when building our coffee shop. Although the unique location of this establishment, within a university’s Catholic Newman Center, brings in several customers who are indeed Catholic, our extensive marketing and personal invitation have graced us with the opportunity to meet and serve people who are all along the “faith spectrum.” [...]

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Now Introducing: Cor Coffee!


Written by Fr. Connor Danstrom, Chaplain/Director Last year, Cardinal John Henry Newman was canonized a saint of the Roman Catholic Church. This was an occasion of great joy for us here at the Newman Center, as well as throughout the country for all the Catholic campus ministries that bear his name. When he was made a Cardinal, Newman took as his motto the Latin phrase, “Cor ad cor loquitur.” His coat of arms had three hearts, representing the Trinity. This idea of God speaking to the heart of man from his own Triune heart was central to Newman’s understanding of revelation.  [...]

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Building Community During A Pandemic


Written by Ella Ramos, Rising UIC Junior UIC shut down. Chicago shut down. The world shut down. And all of this happened just as I was coming down from a spiritual high. I had just attended one of the best retreats of my life through the Newman Center, where I had met so many amazing, like-hearted people who I knew would help bring me closer to God. I felt completely re-energized, ready to take the world by storm as a daughter of Christ when it suddenly felt like the rug had been yanked right under my feet. Not only was I [...]

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