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Love In The Air (At Newman)!


Written by Becca Siar, Director of Campus Ministry Herschel D. Wallace III (Class of ‘71) and Gale Warton (now Wallace; ‘79) met at a student-run orientation event called Freshman Weekend for incoming freshmen of the (then) 100% commuter campus. "Freshman Weekend would happen at Camp Duncan, and we would have several activities," Herschel explains. "So when classes did start, there would be someone on campus that you would recognize." Gale decided to go on the weekend as a freshman, only to find Herschel as the keynote speaker. "I guess we caught each other’s eye," she says. At the time, Newman was [...]

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An Interview with Fr. Patrick Marshall


An Interview with Fr. Patrick Marshall, former Chaplain of the St. John Paul II Newman Center (1991-2018) - Written by Becca Siar, Director of Campus Ministry Becca Siar: How did you end up at the Newman Center back in 1991? Fr. Patrick Marshall: "Well, at the time, I was a parish priest and also served as one of the Master of Ceremonies for Cardinal Bernardin. He asked me to go to the University of Notre Dame to participate in a program for church leaders, and while I was there, the University offered me a job. I had to come home to [...]

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