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Why Newman?


Written by Annie Streeter, UIC Senior During my freshman year orientation, I had the chance to visit the Newman Center at UIC. After being home schooled since kindergarten, it was comforting to know that there was a familiar place where I could go to meet other Catholic students. The Newman Center became the place where I went in between classes to go to Mass, attend events, study, relax, and eat meals. Over the years, the students and staff have changed, but the welcoming environment and overall mission have stayed the same. I feel extremely blessed to be at a secular school [...]

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Feeling A Nudge


Written by Fr. Tom Boharic, UIC Alumni (2003-2005)   I came to UIC in 2003 confused about life, God, religion, and truth. I would always pass by the Newman Center on the way to class with my guitar in hand and kept feeling a nudge to go in. Finally, I gave in. After praying for guidance, a group of young, Catholic Christians warmly welcomed me. Their faith was so contagious, that I found myself wanting more. I began participating in Youth for Christ, the Newman Choir, daily Mass, and Bible Studies, meeting new people and developing a personal relationship with Jesus [...]

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