Did you know that Blessed (soon to be Saint) John Henry Newman will be canonized by Pope Francis on October 13th? There are several ways you can be involved in this joyous event!

1. Visit newmancanonisation.com to learn more about Newman’s life, his journey into the Catholic Church, his teachings, what recent popes have had to say about him, and the miracles attributed to his intercession.

2. Melissa Villalobos, a married full-time mother of seven children who lives in the Chicago suburbs, was miraculously cured in the pregnancy of her fifth child through the intercession of John Henry Newman, which was the second confirmed miracle leading up to Newman’s canonization. She will be speaking at our Newman Center on Mon, Nov 18th, so check out the event details here: facebook.com/events/2865320503548200/

3. Join the Novena with Newman! Nine days of prayerful preparation for the canonization of Blessed John Henry Newman starts on Fri, Oct 4 and finishes on Sat, Oct 12 on the eve of the canonization. In the spirit of Blessed Newman, who referred to himself as “link in the chain,” we can join Catholics around the world in this time of prayer. See newmancanonisation.com/novena for more information and to sign up for daily reminders.

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